EXIF Data (Image Reader)

Most image files and digital photographs contain EXIF data. These are information embedded onto image files. It's actually a stardard for storing information onto image files. EXIF data can contain anything ranging from the file creation date to any information added by users or software. It even contains information about the camera setting if it is a photograph taken from a digital camera.

Phil Harvey created a PERL library for reading and writing the EXIF data. It allows you to use any scripting language to access the EXIF data. I've developed a form that uses his EXIF Tool. You can use it to read the EXIF data on any image file. Just type in the URL of any image or upload the image file and it will display the EXIF data.

Depth of Field Calculator (Android App)

In photography, a thin depth of field lets you put focus on your subject while blurring out the background. It's a very useful tool for putting emphasis on your subjects, allowing you to create mesmerizing photographs. This app lets you input the focal length, f-stop (aperture) and distance, and it calculates your depth of field. Now you'll always have the right depth of field for every shot!

App has been taken down: DOF Calculator

Simple Calculator (Android App)

Calculators are pretty useful for everyday needs. You can use a calculator to divide up the cost of dinners or calculate tips. You can also use it to calculate tax, shipping, or the total cost of your purchases. They're really that useful. With this calculator, you can even change the wallpaper to suit your preferences.

App has been taken down: Simple Calculator